Dance Aberdeen 2020 Festival

Dance Aberdeen 2020 Dance Festival will be held June 2020. Stay 

All Dance Groups Junior and up will attend Dance Aberdeen.

Blocks of hotel rooms will be booked under a group rate for Tisdale Dance Centre.

​Please refer to the Room Group Rates button below for the information to book your rooms as it becomes available. 

What is the Difference Between a Festival and a Competition?

Expected Festival/Competition Etiquette

Tisdale Dance Experience 

Dance Experience will be held April 22nd-26th, 2020 at the Recplex.

All Dance Groups Tiny Tots and up will attend Dance Experience

Please refer to the Dance Experience Page of this website for all information regarding our 2020 Festival.

​Festivals and/or Competitions should be a positive experience for all dancers. Having fun and gaining experience performing on stage should be every dancer’s goal.

Help us make sure all dancers learn the most possible and have a memorable year by remembering the following: 

  • All dancers and parents are expected to maintain a high standard of personal conduct and to always behave in a sportsman like manner.

  • Create a positive environment for all dancers.

  • All comments regarding adjudicators, performers and the studio they represent must be positive, you never know who might be standing nearby. It can be very upsetting for a young dancer to overhear negative comments.

  • You may not agree with an adjudicator’s decision or comments, but your opinions are not to be voiced at the event.

  • Negative comments, conversation or behavior will not be permitted in the waiting areas, halls or classrooms at festivals or competitions.

  • It takes a great deal of courage to get on stage and all dancers should be commended for this.

  • Ensure you applaud for all routines regardless of studio.

  • Encourage and congratulate your child’s group and other participants (regardless of studio).

  • Treat teachers, other performers and volunteers with respect and courtesy.

  • Acknowledge the effort and abilities of other dancers.

  • Encourage all dancers to work hard and give their best effort.

  • When the teacher is talking or instructing, pay attention (no talking) even if the comments are not directed at you.

  • All dancers should set realistic goals and think about what they need to do to achieve these goals.

  • Dancer should be proud of all their achievements.

  • Respect the venues at which the festivals are held and leave the venues clean and free of damage.

  • Follow the rules that festival's organizers have set forth.

  • Parents must ensure dancers and siblings behave appropriately at all events.

Remember these events are for the dancers, so please help all dancers enjoy their experience and leave feeling like a star.

Competitions and Festivals Attended By TDC

A dance festival differs from a competition in that typically 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are not assigned. At a dance competition the dancers compete against one another for a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement.

At a Festival each routine will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal for their performance. Additional awards such as most promising and most outstanding, etc. are often also handed out.

The mark range associate with each medal is set by the festival organizers and varies between events. Marks are based on what each individual adjudicators feels can be expected of a specific age and level. The marks are not assigned by comparing the groups in a category to each other. All groups could receive a gold medal or all could receive a Bronze medal.

Never miss a chance to dance

Prince Albert Dance Blast 2020

Prince Albert Dance Blast will be held March 5th - 8th, 2020 at E.A. Rawlinson Centre in Prince Albert.

All Dance Groups Primary and up will attend Dance Blast.

Blocks of hotel rooms will be booked under a group rate for Tisdale Dance Centre.

Please refer to the Room Group Rates button below for the information to book your rooms as it becomes available. 

Tisdale Dance Centre