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TDC Presents our 11th Annual Dance Experience!!!!!!!

Angela-Rae Murdoch is a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts', Triple Threat Conservatory in Toronto ON. She has performed in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Mexico and various North American cities as a Singer, Dancer, Actress and Comedienne.

After touring the Caribbean while dancing for Carnival Cruise Lines, Angela was chosen as one of the top eight comedians in Canada to compete for the title of Second City's Next comedy Legend on the CBC television network. In 2012 she starred in the short film Pink & Green which was shown at the world renowned Cannes Film Festival. And she is very proud to have performed in the Calgary International Improv Festival alongside Improvisers from around the globe.

Angela is a third generation Dancer/ Teacher and Choreographer taught by her grandmother and mother starting at the age of 2 years old. People often ask her what her favourite “Style of Dance” is, but after 30+ years of training in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and her certification in the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus, she finds it impossible to decide.

Along with instructing hundreds of students in the Calgary area on a day to day basis: Angela is grateful to have been the Artistic Director of a not for profit performance troupe that gives Dancer’s from across Alberta the opportunity to perform around the Globe called the Calgary Dance Express.

Currently in her twenty second year as a dance educator, Angela is consistently astounded by the effort and dedication put forth by all of the dancers she has the privilege of meeting. She is so excited to be here and wishes all of the competitors luck!

Meet Our Adjudicators.............Stephen Welch and Angela-Rae Murdoch

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Stephen has always been a dancer. Beginning his formal training under the direction of Heather Lawrence, he excelled at every class he took naturally. Training classically with passion and drive, his sights were set on the grand stages of the world. Beginning his teaching career at the age of 15, his sights shifted to building amazing dancers with is passion. After high school Stephen took his talents to the sea training and performing as a dancer and aerialist on Holland America cruise lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, and princess cruise lines. When returning home Stephen fell in love, with his partner of now 10 years, and his life as a dance teacher. Stephen’s focus became that of the longevity and technique of his student. Training fully in the Acrobatic arts syllabus, further is skill set with training from TADA talent, and Spectacle Blue aerial arts, His teaching career is centered around Acrobatics and the training his student in the form and abilities for a long and active career dance a performer. 

Currently studying Drama education at the University of Calgary, Stephen’s passion for the arts has been expanding in hopes of bringing his love of the dramatic arts to the future performers he hopes to teach in a high school setting. 

Working closely with Front Row Centre Players (FRC) Stephen take his knowledge of love for choreography to the stage in another form, Setting the choreography for FRC’s production of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert he honoured by being nominated, and winning best choreography, as the Drag consultant Best costumes and make up, and the production won best musical within the Calgary theatre acts awards. Returning to FCR’s next season he was overjoyed to choreograph the season opening production of Monty Phython’s Spamalot. 

Always keeping his hands and feet in the dance world in one way or another he loves and is honoured to join Tidsdale Dance for this amazing weekend of dance!

Best of luck to all the dancers this weekend and remember to give us everything you’ve got! 

Angela - Rae Murdoch

Stephen Welch

Tisdale Dance Centre