**Note that Policies are Subject To Change and we deem it  your responsibility to keep up to date**

Instructors Contact Information for when your child is missing: 

Dana Mutimer: danam@sasktel.net

Chelsea Edwards: C_d_hedman@hotmail.com

​Sarah Chalus: srospad06@hotmail.com

Please email tisdaledance@gmail.com for all other questions and/or concerns only using the instructor's personal email for when your child will be missing dance. 

In order to foster a positive environmentwe require each parent to present a positive, respectful and rational attitude toward TDC dancers and teachers at the studio, during rehearsals, recitals, extra performances and at all festivals and/or competitions. If you as a parent are unhappy, require explanation and/or have questions/concerns and/or praise we ask that you download the following PDF and follow our Code Of Ethical Behaviour Guidelines.  ​​

TDC's Policies 

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